• All oil exploration services

    The company provides a competent staff equipped with the latest equipment and techniques to carry out various excavations professionally and high quality and reach the best results in the shortest possible time

  • Specialized in trading crude oil and its derivatives

    Crude oil is an oil product that is formed in nature and is usually used in energy production and manufacturing processes. It is usually purchased for refining to fit everyday uses such as diesel, gasoline, heating oil, jet fuel, plastics, cosmetics, drugs and fertilizers. So its price has a dramatic impact on the global economy. And traded in huge quantities around the world
  • We provide all kinds of excavators and accessories

    We provide all types of drilling rigs with specialized training and development staff, and do all that is necessary to ensure the progress of work


Certificates and Awards


Completed projects



Best Services

Cadres and teams specialized in your service to provide all you need

Competency teams

We provide teams of managers and qualified to do all the work necessary to extend the oil lines and the establishment of oil refineries

Studies and Consultations

Our engineers are ready to do all the studies and consultations necessary to implement various projects related

Prospecting equipment

Long experience in the processing of exploration plants and all related to oil exploration and extraction

Station equipment

We provide the services and processing of stations and refineries and all related to the work of filtration and refining

Hand in hand to build the best oil projects and promote our economy

Do not hesitate to contact us for all the answers and information needed to start your business safely and professionally. We will provide you with all necessary studies, consulting, infrastructure, teams and high quality equipment

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