Projects and services


Construction and processing oil refineries

We provide cadres and workshops specialized in the construction and processing oil refineries and all related to the exploration and refining and processing point facilities, our cadres specialized and trained on the latest techniques of construction, processing and management, contact us for more details


Well drilling and exploration equipment

The company provides a professional cadre equipped with the latest equipment and techniques to carry out various excavations professionally and high quality and achieve the best results in the shortest possible time. The company also provides the welding staff and workshops (WELDING PROFIENCY). The specialized and experienced staff has the ability to complete welding operations (SMAW, GTAW, FWAW, TIG, SAW, GMAW) as well as round welding operations. ORBITAL WELDING PROCESSER operates according to internationally known standards and standards


Oil Trading

We provide you with all the tools necessary to trade oil and its derivatives with the latest technical means available and in full safety


Manufacturing and extending oil lines

Depending on the expertise and technical and engineering expertise and long experience in the implementation of projects for the installation and extension of oil pipelines in different countries and up to (58 "ang).                                     Oilking is doing all the work related to installation and laying of oil pipelines with great success in this field.                                     

Please contact us for more details.

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